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      For companies wishing to promote a new product and need to design a plastic container, Shiny Mould Co.,Ltd designers and engineers produce prototypes preliminary different packaging, so you have several options and choose the prototype plastic container that best suits their needs and business requirements. Shiny Mould Co.,Ltd is pioneers in the development of new concepts in digitization of planes for parts and plastic containers. Shiny Mould Co.,Ltd design mechanical components and design of new products for your company or business. Our development of products ranging from industrial mechanical design and development of artistic engineering projects, to projects in metallurgy, manufacturing of mechanical parts, plastic containers, injection molds, 3D engineering, code generation and more. We cover all services in industrial product design and business.Our high and extensive experience in industrial engineering and industrial mechanical design, allows us to provide practical and effective solutions for your company

      Don't think twice, if you want to develop a new product to its product line by implementing a new plastic container or mechanical parts, contact us! We are your best choice for plastic packaging mould. For more information, please contact us by phone or mail, I hope, we are here to serve you.

food container mould