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Procedure of mould assembly and disassembly

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      The purpose to realize mould corrections, engineering change or mold maintenance, it is essentially to know how to disassemble and assemble the mould in proper procedure.
      The procedure helps to prevent the mould from possible man-made damage when they disassemble the mould. It is also important for the operator in the second mould maker or injection plant to get correct advice and warning quickly.
      Hereafter, we study one of many ways to disassemble an automotive door panel mould to understand the idea easily:
Disassembly of Mould
1)Safely lift the mould by crane, 4 lifting points normally. Stand it on the ground cushioned by wooden or rubber.
2)Make transportation bars in mould open position and open the mould in balance.
3)Disassemble the fixation and remove front clamp plate.
4)Take out the hot runner system and protect nozzle tips. Disassemble hot runner plate.
5)Protect cavity plate when staying on the floor.
6)Disassemble hydraulic cylinders with pipes, slides and other components requested.
7)Turn over core slide assembly to place impression surface towards the ground supported by higher frames.
8)Take out all core pins in ejector sleeves and screws on the bottom clamp plate.
9)Unscrew the fixation of lifter rods mounted on the sliders.
10)Disassemble lifters. Be noted that they may fall down when it loses the fixation on sliders, so it may need operators take them by hands and place them on the thick paper to avoid collision.
11)Take away the clamp plate with risers and support pillars and so on.
12)Disassemble ejection plate and take out ejector pins, sleeve and ejection guide pins etc.
13)Take away ejector retainer plate and turn over core plate 900 to take out all inserts.
14)Protect the mould components for the next working procedure. Clean and grease others to avoid rust and put in safe position. Note self-lubrication components can't be greased. Collect all dispersed components in the case.
Assembly of Mould
      Procedure of assembly reverses that of disassembly of the mould.

procedure of mould assembly and disassembly